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Taking Notes on Treating Hair Loss with Reishi Mushrooms

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This Chinese mushroom called the reishi mushroom is starting to get recognized in many Western herb shops as being very popular for hair growth treatments. This type of mushroom can be used to mix with a restorative tonic that can help with slowing down premature hair loss. The reason for this is because this mushroom is very rich in antioxidants. It is a very rejuvenating treat as well!


Because our hair needs a lot of vital nutrients delivered to the follicles, any deficiencies of nutrients can cause illness of the hair. What happens is that issues can occur with hair loss, and the overall health of the hair becomes impeded. Vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D, selenium, and copper can help to improve hair growth and reduce hair loss. It can also restore the sheen and shine to make hair healthier looking.

Hair Loss

Some of the main reasons why hair loss occurs are because of a decrease in iron in the blood. Because mushrooms contain a lot of iron, eating healthy doses of mushrooms daily and weekly can help to restore this vital mineral and nutrient. Strong red blood cells become created which strengthens your hair in turn. Mushrooms also contain a lot of copper that allows for greater absorption of other minerals like iron from food. It also helps with the color pigment of your hair and melanin. Iron and copper work together to promote healthy, strong hair. The other element that mushrooms contain is Selenium a very powerful nutrient that strengthens the immune system. It also aids in hair growth and can help to prevent dandruff. When both Selenium and zinc become added to your diet in combination, which is found in mushrooms, the result is a prevention of hair loss overall. Overall, eating mushrooms especially, the reishi mushroom can be very beneficial to hair health.